This Lego Ideas Modular Medieval Inn is a D&D fan’s dream

Lego Ideas Medieval Inn

Have you ever looked at a Lego set and thought that you absolutely have to have it, no matter the cost? That’s how we feel about this fantastic Lego Ideas Modular Medieval Inn.

It’s not the only medieval inn that’s been submitted to Lego Ideas, but it’s easily the best. It’s the work of Brick_Scribe, who describes it as “..a love letter to the fantasy adventure genre which has always been at the heart of my imagination”.

It certainly looks like it could have plucked out of some fantasy novel or D&D campaign. It oozes charm, right down to the patched roof. And, even better, it’s modular so you can mix its sections.

We can just imagine a group of blocky adventurers meeting here to embark on a quest. Not that we need to imagine, though, Brick_Scribe has included a handful of suitably outfitted minifigs.

With 2,999 pieces, we can imagine the real set costing a pretty penny. But if this does become a reality – and we hope it does – we’d be reaching for our credit cards.

So how far does this set have to go before it becomes an official set? The decision’s down to Lego but it needs 10,000 votes before they’ll review it. And so far.. it’s doing pretty good.

This Lego Ideas Modular Medieval Inn set has racked up over 1,000 votes (or supporters) in just 13 days. It’s got 594 days to hit 5,000, then if it hits 10,000 Lego will assess the possibility of making it a reality.

So, why not head over to Lego Ideas and lend your support to the Lego Ideas Modular Medieval Inn?

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