This leaked Lego Marvel Avengers set could be the biggest and best yet

Lego Marvel Avengers Tower

Step aside, Hulkbuster, out of the way Daily Bugle, there’s a new Lego Marvel king in town. Okay, maybe they’ve not officially arrived, but this leaked Lego Marvel Avengers Tower looks to be the biggest Lego Marvel set yet.

Like the Lego Star Wars Ventator Republic Attack Cruiser, this was spotted in-store. Yes, both of these leaks seem to have come from retailers either putting sets out early. That also means that this amazing, amazing-looking set isn’t far away from official release.

And if this Reddit leak is on point, it’ll be arriving this November 24th. Going by the box, it’s going to be absolutely magnificent, and will sport at least 24 minifigures. Sure, there’s been another Lego Marvel Avengers Tower, but this actually resembles the one in the first Avengers movie.

It’s gloriously massive (Tony Stark may be compensating for something) and while there’s no official spec, it looks at least as big as the Lego Daily Bugle.

It also features a handful of mini-vehicles, including the Quinjet and a couple of Chitauri ships. With its 18+ build rating, it’s not specifically geared towards kids, but it looks like some potential for play here.

Again, this is not official Lego information, but here’s a round-up of what’s been revealed so far. The specs for the set, Lego Marvel Avengers Tower 76269, are:

  • Price – US $524.99 – UK £470
  • Age – 18+
  • Pieces – 5201
  • Release – November 24th, 2023
  • 24 minifigs – 4x Chitauri, Ultron MK1, Wanda, Vision, Loki, War Machine, Ant-Man micro, Wasp, Falcon, Erik Selvig, Pepper, Helen Cho, Tony, Thor, Hulk, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Captain America, Nick Fury, Iron Man Mk. 6, Kevin Feige (there are rumored to be four more figures).

That’s a hair cheaper than the Lego Hulkbuster set, though the Lego Marvel Avengers Tower has another thousand or so bricks to its name. Are we tempted? Absolutely, but we’re not quite ready to snap away our bank balance.

In the meantime, if you’ve not got the Lego Hulkbuster and you’re in the US, it’s $384.99 (down from $549.99) on Lego’s site.

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