LEGO Marvel 76166 Avengers Tower Battle Review

The headquarters of the Avengers, the Avengers Tower is undoubtedly iconic. For that reason, LEGO Marvel fans are sure to want a recreation of it in their collection, but is LEGO 76166 Avengers Tower Battle worthy of purchase? Let’s find out.

LEGO Marvel 76166 Avengers Tower Battle

  • RRP: £79.99
  • Number of pieces: 685 pieces
  • Release date: August 2020
  • Age rating: 8+
  • Time to build: 2-3 hours

What’s in the box?

In the smallish box you’ll find six bags numbered one through to six, as well as one unnumbered bag full of miscellaneous metallic items and energy pieces common to recent LEGO Marvel sets. There’s also a single sticker sheet with 10 stickers, and a 136-page instruction manual.

The build

Building LEGO Marvel 76166 Avengers Tower, the first thing you’ll do is build a few minifigs. Black Widow is first, and then two AIM agents, one equipped with a blaster, and another equipped with a blaster and some kind of anchor attached to his chest. An Avengers hoverbike is then built for Black Widow to ride. The Black Widow minifig is particularly nice, as it has a dual face and printing on both arms and legs. It’s not exclusive to this set, however.

After building the initial slew of minifigs and the hoverbike, you start to build the actual Avengers Tower from the ground up. Instead of an entrance of sorts, on the ground floor you have a garage for the hoverbike up front, and an Arc Reactor at the rear. The Avengers Tower has a hinge on the left hand side, allowing you to easily open it up so you can clearly see both.

Before the second floor of the Avengers Tower is built, you build your fourth minifig: Blazer. He’s exclusive to this set and looks great, no doubt making this set more desirable. The second floor of the Avengers Tower features a housing area for both Blazer and Tazer up front, the latter of which you’ll build soon, and a weapon rack at the rear. Behind the weapon rack is the Infinity Gauntlet.

Building Tazer is next, and again, he’s exclusive to this set. The third floor of the Avengers Tower you build following Tazer features a jail cell up front and some kind of storage mechanism at the rear, which has opened up to reveal a power stone. The jail cell is perhaps a good place to imprison Red Skull, who you build after the third floor. He’s the last minifig you’ll build that’s exclusive to this set.

The fourth floor of LEGO 76166 Avengers Tower Battle is all about R&R. Two comfortable chairs sit at the rear, with a desk separating them with a drink resting on it. One of the chairs has a gaming controller on it too. Up front is an empty open area, with a large TV placed on a wall up high; it’s up to you if your minifigs are playing a game or watching news on it thanks to two stickers that can each be applied to a black plate.

Before you build the final floor of the Avengers Tower and add some other details, it’s time to put together the final minifig: Iron Man. Both a helmet and hair piece are included, so you can have him either fully suited up or with his head and hair exposed. It’s a nice minifig, but if you’re a LEGO Marvel you might already have it, or at least one very much like it. The top floor of the tower is a little plain, really, but there is a nice platform added to the floor below that gives way when you pull a mechanism.

The finishing touch is the Avengers logo that sits on right hand side of building; it really elevates it. Overall, it’s a pretty nice build.

Play or display?

LEGO Marvel 76166 Avengers Tower Battle is obviously intended as a play piece. It has a nice selection of minifigs with weapons, a swooshable hoverbike, and other interactive elements such as a ledge on the ground floor that dislodges the Arc Reactor, hinges on the windows on the bottom two floors that allow you to open them up for easy access, a collapsible ledge on the fourth floor, and more.

It is, however, also a nice enough looking model for some to consider owning it as a display piece. At least until LEGO makes an Avengers Tower on the scale of the Daily Bugle, anyway. It’s got to happen at some point, hasn’t it?

Value for money?

With seven minifigs, a hoverbike and the fairly detailed tower, the LEGO 76166 Avengers Tower offers decent value for money. However, as it’s not exclusive to the LEGO shop, you can often get it up to 30% cheaper on sites such as Amazon, which makes it a steal. It’s a wonderful play set that adult LEGO Marvel fans might also want to build and/or tinker with.

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