LEGO Marvel Avengers Tower Battle Currently Has Double VIP Points

The latest set to bag LEGO VIP members double points is the new Marvel Avengers Tower Battle (76166).

Priced at £79.99, it means that VIP members will get around £8 in points back for their purchase, rather than the usual ~£4.

The Avengers Tower Battle set is a detailed model of the iconic Avengers Tower, made up of 685 pieces. There are seven minifigures bundled with the set, including Iron Man and Black Widow. It also opens up to reveal several rooms inside, making it the perfect playset for Marvel fans.

There’s no expiry date on the double point offer, but these usually run for the entirety of the month – so likely until the end of August. Still, if you fancy adding the Avengers Tower Battle set to your collection, you’d best get it sooner rather than later if you want those double points, too.

Written by Kim

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