Get Double VIP Points on the LEGO Batman Mobile Bat Base

LEGO Mobile Bat Base

Another set has joined the Avengers Tower Battle in offering double VIP points this month.

It’s another superhero-themed set, but this time from DC rather than Marvel. It’s the Batman Mobile Bat Base, a 743-piece playset featuring Batman’s lorry-turned-Batcave.

The Bat Base is a sizeable set, comprising six minifigures. There’s of course Batman, and he’s joined by Batgirl, Nightwing, Mr. Freeze, Man-Bat and Bronze Tiger. It’s quite an impressive line-up of minifigs for any Batman fan.

With double VIP points, you’ll net 10% of the purchase price back as points rather than the usual 5%. It’s an £80 set, so you’ll get around £8 worth of points back. Not bad at all.

Double VIP points are expected to last until the end of the month, so if you’re planning to pick up the Mobile Bat Base, now seems like as good a time as any.

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