Redeem 1,000 LEGO VIP Points to Get Creationary: Travel Edition

A new LEGO VIP reward is available in the Rewards Centre: a travel edition of LEGO’s Creationary game.

As the name might suggest, Creationary is based on Pictionary. But instead of drawing an object for other players to guess what it is, you build it with bricks. The full board game of Creationary, which has sadly been discontinued for some years, included various bricks in the box to allow players to build with what’s available. Creationary: Travel Edition, on the other hand, just contains a pack of cards and a timer. You’ll need your own bricks to play.

To play, a player will draw a card. Without showing anyone else that card, they’ll have to build their own version of it against the timer. Once the timer has ran out, all other players will then have to guess what the model is meant to be. It’s test of skill, creativity, and how well you can work against the clock!

If you have 1,000 LEGO VIP points available, you can redeem your very own Creationary: Travel Edition for no extra cost. Simply head to the LEGO VIP Rewards Centre to claim. You’ll be given a promo code, which will then need to be used on a purchase from Once claimed, you’ll have 60 days to use the code.

It’s a cool freebie, and Creationary makes for a fun family game – especially if you have a lot of random LEGO bricks hanging around. It’ll be available on LEGO VIP while stocks last, so grab it fast if you’re interested.

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