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The LEGO Monster Book of Monsters is Back as a Free Gift

LEGO Monster Book of Monsters

Originally available from New Years Day, the Monster Book of Monsters sold out in less than two days on But it’s back, so if you missed out the first time, you have another chance to grab it.

The Monster Book of Monsters is one of the best free gifts we’ve seen in a while. If you’ve seen or read Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, you’ll be familiar with the book; it’s filled with information about the Wizarding World’s monsters, but being a monster itself, you need to tame it before you can read it. You simply stroke its spine, of course!

The LEGO version doesn’t contain any useful information, unfortunately, but it is a great-looking model. Made up of 320 pieces, it has sticker detailing on the front, a clever use of ridged bricks to give the impression of pages, and an excellent mouth and tongue detail when it’s just about to ‘attack’. We’d imagine this being released as a £25 set, so the fact it’s a free gift is exceptional.

LEGO Monster Book of Monsters

You’ll need to spend at least £75 on LEGO Harry Potter goods either in-store or online at It’s available from today until 31st January, or until stocks last. If you want to grab the LEGO Monster Book of Monsters, we’d recommend you do so quickly; it’ll inevitably sell out again soon.

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