The LEGO Lion Knights’ Castle is Available Now for VIP Members

LEGO Lion Knight's Castle 10305

Great news for LEGO VIP members: the much sought-after LEGO 10305 Lion Knights’ Castle is available from today. Bad news for your wallets though: you’ll need to sink £344.99 to bring it home.

But for those of us who are brave enough to stump up the cash, this is one heck of a LEGO set. Fans have been waiting a long time for a castle, and this one definitely delivers.

Here are the key facts:

  • RRP £344.99/$399.99
  • 22 minifigures
  • 4,514 pieces
  • 38cm x 44cm x 33cm

Needless to say, then, this is huge. And 22 minifigures puts it alongside the most populous of LEGO releases. There’s everything from knights, merchants, bards and ladies, and even a wizard. They aren’t along, either: a wealth of animals including a knight’s horse to keep the minifigs company.

LEGO Icons 10305 Lion Knights' Castle

The building itself is incredible, packing in a lot of detail. Enter through the grand entrance complete with drawbridge and portcullis, and you’ll find hidden passages, dungeons, living quarters, a water mill and more. There are a couple of ways to display the Lion Knights’ Castle, too, thanks to a hinge that opens and closes it. Either way, you’re going to need a lot of space to show it off.

If you’re not a VIP member, LEGO 10305 Lion Knights’ Castle will be available to the general public on Monday 8th August. But if you’re not a VIP member, it’s free to join. It’s exclusive to LEGO, so you won’t be able to grab this from anywhere but the LEGO website and physical LEGO stores.

Will you be picking up the Lion Knights’ Castle? Let us know by commenting below.

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