Over 100 New LEGO Sets are Coming on 1st January 2022

LEGO has just dropped a tonne of new sets on its website, all coming soon on 1st January 2022.

We’re going to be sharing more information on them in upcoming articles, but for now you can browse the full ‘coming soon’ section on LEGO’s website by clicking here.

There are some new LEGO Friends sets coming out that really stand out – and we’re not even massive LEGO Friends fans. A new Ninjago Dojo Temple and Ultra Combo Mech are looking great for Ninjago fans, too, and for BrickHeadz collectors, there are a few new sets to look forward to. More BrickHeadz Pets are incoming, along with a Star Wars Ahsoka Tano figure.

As always, LEGO City is getting a huge overhaul, with new police stations, fire stations and playsets. There are new Technic cars, including a Ford Mustang Shelby, a Formula E Porsche and a couple of very cool budget-priced monster trucks.

What’s caught our eye are two completely new sets – Beijing Postcard and New York Postcard. They’re only £13.49 each, putting them comfortably ion the pocket money price range. But they show miniature landscapes of those cities in a smaller scale than an Architecture set.

So: stay tuned to That Brick Site to see more about the new sets in more detail as we feature them in the coming days. You can find our round-ups of each LEGO theme below.

More January 2022 LEGO releases:

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