LEGO VIP Members: Win a Signed Photo of Marvel’s Vision

There’s currently a very strange sweepstake available in the LEGO VIP rewards centre. VIP members can spend 50 of their points on entering a giveaway to win a signed photo of Vision.

A hero affiliated with The Avengers, Vision is played by British actor Paul Bettany, and so this print is signed by none other than Bettany himself.

Its link to LEGO? Well, it’s rather tenuous. A Vision minifigure has appeared in three LEGO sets: LEGO 76032 Avengers Quinjet City Chase from 2015, LEGO 76067 Tanker Truck Takedown from 2016, and 76103 Corvus Glaive Thresher Attack from 2018. He’s not exactly a recent feature, then. And the photo doesn’t even come with a minifigure to tie the whole thing together.

But if you’re a Marvel fan, then this photo is something of a rare curio that would make a nice addition to any collection. The print is presented in a “sealed Lucite case” (which sounds like something from Marvel in itself if you ask us) which makes for easy display.

One entry will cost you 50 points, and each VIP member can enter up to 50 times. You’ve got until 11th July to enter.

To enter, and find out more details, visit the LEGO VIP Rewards Centre.

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