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The Next LEGO Ideas Set to be Approved is a Motorised Lighthouse

The results of the LEGO Ideas third 2020 review are in, and one just set has been selected out of the shortlist of 25. It’s a very good set though: a Motorised Lighthouse, submitted by Sandro Quattrini.

While we’re disappointed that some other excellent sets from the review have missed out – we particularly liked the Red Dwarf Starbug and Wallace & Gromit – it’s hard not to be excited for the forthcoming lighthouse model. LEGO is no stranger to lighthouses; we’ve had several Creator lighthouses, a Hidden Side one and even a Scooby Doo one. But this will be the first functioning lighthouse aimed at adults. And going on Quattrini’s submitted model, it’s going to have a lot of great detail.

LEGO Ideas Lighthouse
Image: LEGO Ideas/Roses Must Build

As you can see in the picture above, the lighthouse sits atop a wonderfully-structured cliff, sticking out from a vast sea of blue. There’s a carefully sculpted staircase that twists around the cliff face, leading up to the lighthouse at the top. Next to the lighthouse’s tower is a small cottage – presumably where the lighthouse keeper lives.

It’s important to note that this isn’t minifig scale. We don’t imagine that will change; upsizing the model to house minifigs would mean losing important details.

It’ll be interesting to see just how LEGO does adapt this model for a consumer release, though. It’s not unusual for LEGO Ideas models to be changed in major ways, usually to aid production. We’re looking forward to seeing what the designers do with this model, and we’d expect to see it in stores before summer 2022.

We still have several LEGO Ideas sets to come from past reviews: LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog, Van Gogh’s Starry Night, the Earth Globe, Seinfeld and the Home Alone house. It’s likely we’ll see at least one of those in the next couple of months.

See more information on the Motorised Lighthouse by clicking here.

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