LEGO Ideas First 2020 Review Results are In

The review of the first LEGO Ideas wave of 2020 has just been completed, and the winner(s) are in. Well: one winner, and one set that’s still being reviewed.

Out of 26 ideas, only one has been chosen this time: Guillaume Roussel’s Earth Globe. It’s a very good choice, and although the final product will undoubtedly differ from Roussel’s original Ideas concept, it’s sure to be a striking LEGO model. It’s a scale globe of the Earth, with continent detailing, and a frame and axis that allows the globe to be spun around, just like a real globe.

The Ideas model is made up of 2060 parts, is 36cm wide, 32cm long and 39cm tall. You can find out more about the Earth Globe on its LEGO Ideas page.

Although not officially chosen yet, the Sonic Mania – Green Hill Zone set is “still being considered”. “Our review board has found Viv Grannell’s Sonic Mania – Green Hill Zone submission to be very interesting,” the LEGO Ideas blog post reads. “Unfortunately, it requires a further review before we can determine if we can make it happen or not.”

Presumably, that further review may have something to do with licensing consideration. Obviously, Sonic is a trademark of SEGA, and although the companies have worked together in the past (Sonic appeared in LEGO Dimensions), that particular agreement may not carry over into further works.

Hopefully we will see this one come to fruition though. It’s a fun set, and who doesn’t love Sonic?

Ideas that were passed over include the Untitled Goose Game model, the fantastic Train Station, a Chitty Chitty Bang Bang model, Knight Rider, and more. Honestly, it’s a rather disappointing turn-out considering the amount of excellent models that have been up for review.

We’re looking forward to seeing how the Earth Globe turns out, though. And let’s hope that more than one model gets chosen from the second wave of 2020 reviews.

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