The LEGO Swing Ship Ride is Back as a Free Gift for VIPs

LEGO VIP Swing Ship Free Gift

Originally given away as a free gift back in June, the Swing Ship carnival ride is back as a free gift for LEGO VIP members, either in-store or on purchases from

The model itself is fairly small, but comes with a printed tile which reads “LEG GODT 2021”. That’s Danish for “Play Well”, and it’s a phrase from which the LEGO brand name originates.

Like last time, you’ll need to spend over £85 to get the free gift. We previously anticipated this to be rather limited, but since LEGO seems to have found more stock to give away, it seems we were wrong.

Anyway, if you missed out the first time, here’s another excuse to pick up this rather strange-looking freebie. It’s available from today until Sunday 12th September, so you’ve only got a few days.

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