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A £200 LEGO Frozen Ice Castle is Coming on 1st July

LEGO 43197 Frozen Ice Castle

Do you wanna build a snowman giant LEGO set?

As if today’s mega drop of new sets wasn’t enough, it seems LEGO is sneaking out some more new sets already. Listed on its website today is a 1,709 piece Disney Frozen castle. Call The Ice Castle, it’s set to release on 1st July and is priced at a whopping £199.99.

The castle itself captures the magic of Frozen rather nicely; the exterior is all white and blue-ice. The back of the model reveals an interior complete with grand staircase, ice fountain and upper rooms.

But we have to wonder who this set is aimed at. Its price point suggests it’s a grown-up set, but the box suggests age 14+ (just like the Marvel Guardians’ Ship, which released today). However, rather than containing actual minifigures, the set contains the LEGO Friends-style ‘mini-dolls’. It’s a perplexing choice to us, especially since actual Frozen minifigures do exist and have been included in LEGO’s Disney minifigure blind bags.

LEGO 43197 Frozen Ice Castle

We wonder if the lack of real minifigures will hamper the audience for this set. We’d certainly prefer them, as we’re not fans of the mini-dolls. Have to admit, though, Olaf is rather adorable.

Minifigures aside, it’s an impressive model. It’s rather tall, measuring in at 65cm high. It’s 35cm wide, so you’ll need a decent amount of space to display it.

What do you think of The Ice Castle? Let us know by commenting below.

Written by Kim

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