LEGO Ideas 21328 Seinfeld is Now Available to VIP Members

LEGO Ideas 21328 Seinfeld

If you’re a LEGO VIP member, a brand new set has just become available to you. LEGO Ideas 21328 Seinfeld officially releases on 1st August, but if you’re a VIP member, you can pick it up today.

If you’re a fan of the classic sitcom Seinfeld then this is undoubtedly a must-have set for your collection. Like the Friends Central Perk and Apartments sets before it, it’s designed to look like a studio set. There are studio lights scaffolded above a cut-out of the sitcom’s iconic apartment. In there, you’ll find a sitting area, kitchen, and doors leading off to other rooms.

Five minifigures are included: Jerry, Elaine, Kramer, George and Newman. Each of them have been wonderfully designed to truly resemble their on-screen counterparts. Included in the set is also Jerry’s stand-up stage which sets up each episode of the series.

LEGO Ideas Seinfeld is available from LEGO.com and LEGO stores, priced at £69.99. Remember, you’ll need to be a VIP member to grab it early – though it’s free to sign up to become a VIP. Everyone else will have to wait until 1st August.

Read more about the set by clicking here.

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