Live your own Lego Dungeons & Dragons adventure with this free campaign

The front cover of a Lego Dungeons and Dragons campaign adventure.

Have you put your money down for Lego’s massive Dungeons & Dragons Red Dragon’s Tale set? Want to turn this impressive set into a full-on adventure? Lego and Wizards of the Coast have released a supporting DnD campaign and it’s absolutely free.

We do mean free, too. Yes, we’ve spent a stupid amount of money on this awesome Lego Dungeons & Dragons set, but even if you haven’t snapped it up, you can still adventure your way through this blocky world.

To claim the campaign, alongside some virtual Lego-themed dice, you just need to head over to DnD Beyond and sign up for free if you haven’t already. Then, claim your adventure, download the PDF, and you’re good to go.

But is the adventure itself any good? It seems like a fun little romp and while having the minifigures and the set would help, you can happily play it on paper. It’s suitably silly and kid-friendly, though our one gripe is that it doesn’t make much of the figures themselves being Lego.

It suggests you build the set as you play, but we’d kind hoped there’d be some kind of in-world building, a little like Lego Star Wars. Still, it’s basically free and there’s some gorgeous, blocky art so we can’t grumble too much.

If you’ve yet to order Lego’s Dungeons & Dragons Red Dragon’s Tale set, it’s available to back order on Lego’s store. Or if you’re looking for something smaller, check out this tiny Lego Ideas submission.

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