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Nintendo reveals Lego Mario Kart sets are racing out next year

Lego Mario Kart, a teaser from Twitter of a shadowy kart.

After the success of Lego’s Super Mario Bros sets, Lego Mario Kart is officially happening. No, it’s not a game, which was our first thought. But while the sets have yet to be revealed, Lego and Nintendo have confirmed that they’ll land in 2025. And we’re already putting away the pennies.

Lego Super Mario is great, there’s no doubt about that. But what’s really got us excited about Lego Mario Kart is being able to create one circular track. At least, that’s the way we figure it’s going to be. You can have a single, long Lego Super Mario course, but Mario Kart? If Lego doesn’t let you put your own track together there’s going to be a riot.

So far, all we’ve got so far is a Nintendo tweet announcing that Lego Mario Kart will arrive in 2025. We’d expect multiple waves of sets and mini sets. For Lego, this is going to be a licence to print money, so they’re absolutely going to milk it until its blocky teats are dry.

We’re also curious as to whether the sets are going to be mechanised at all. Our guess is no, so you’ll just end up pushing the carts around the course. But if they can include some kind of Scalextric style slot-racer mechanism? Let’s just say our bank balances will be taking a serious hit.

Hopefully there’ll be more news over the next few months, so keep your eyes peeled. Now if you’ll excuse us, we’ve got to Google ‘how to sell a kidney’. No reason.

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