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This Lego Batman The Animated Series set is the perfect tribute to the best Batman ever

Lego Batman The Animated Series Gotham City 76271

If you’re of a certain age (ie, old, like us), then Batman: The Animated Series was your superhero show. To us, Kevin Conroy is still the best Batman, and Mark Hamill will always be the Joker. Sadly, Conroy has passed on but even today, he and Hamill are the voices we hear in our heads when we think of those characters. So we’re over the moon to see that, with the Lego Batman The Animated Series Gotham City set, Lego is giving the show its due.

Are we excited enough to pay the £259 asking price? Maybe but unlike the identically priced Lego Lighthouse, this set doesn’t feel remotely overpriced? Why? Because it’s the most amazing Lego cityscape we’ve ever laid out eyes on. You could put the whole of Lego’s architecture sets together and it wouldn’t look remotely this good.

Made up of 4210 pieces, for builders aged 18+, it features Gotham City’s skyline, complete with skyscrapers, airships and more. It does come with four minfigures – Batman, Catwoman, The Joker and Harley Quinn, though the city’s not to scale as far as they’re concerned.

But looking at it, we can pick out the police station, the Batcave complete with Batmobile and a whole host of other locations seen in either the intro or the show itself. Every time we take another look at it we spot something else. Oh, look.. there’s the Batwing! And Catwoman! It’s like a superhero Where’s Wally.

This set is giving us the serious urge to buy the show on Blu-Ray. Hang on.. not the set itself? There’s that too, but the Lego Batman The Animated Series Gotham City set isn’t available until April 4th (or April 1st if you’re an Insider). There’s no pre-order option either, which is a blessing. That means we’ve got just under a month to talk ourselves out of buying this amazing, amazing set.

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