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This Lego Ideas Floating Castle is a Tiny Work of Art

A tiny Lego castle, with a small dragon flying around it.

Can’t justify spending £350+ on Lego’s newly-unveiled Dungeons and Dragons set? Then this tiny Lego Ideas floating castle, complete with dragon, could be just what you need. The catch is that this set is only one of many entries to Lego’s latest Gifts With Purchase competition, but we’re hoping against hope that it gets made.

Why? Because we’re absolutely smitten with how much character this design packs into a mere 238 bricks. It ‘floats’ because it’s held up by several transparent waterfalls, but at first glance it really looks like it’s just built on some floating island.

And if the castle, with its tiny, tiny windows and miniature throne room, wasn’t enough, there’s a colossal red dragon circling overhead. Throw in three teensy ‘minifigures’, king included, and you’ve got a set that oozes charm, more so than some bigger sets.

A small Lego Castle, viewed from above, with a tiny Lego dragon overhead.

So how can we get this made? The bad news is that, right now, the decision’s not in Joe Public’s hands. The set is the work of builder Radevious and it’s one of many entries to Lego’s ‘Set of Your Dreams’ Gift With Purchase competition.

However, when the competition closes on April 24th, Lego will choose the 15 best entries which the public will then be able to vote on. So if this set, dubbed “Mini-Eval Castle”, makes the cut, you’ll have the chance to put your support behind it.

In the meantime, you can check out this miniature marvel here and browse the rest of the Set of Your Dreams entries here.

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