This Lego Ideas World Map is even better than the real thing

Lego Ideas World Map

We’re fans of Lego’s now-retired World Map. But we do wish some things were a bit different. More realistic colours would have been nice, for example. It’s at least somewhat accurate, unlike the Globe, but it’s still lacking a certain… something.

What is Lego Ideas Spotlight?

Lego Ideas Spotlight is a regular feature where we highlight some of our favourite Lego Ideas submissions. These are usually early submissions that still have a long way to go before reaching the review stage. That means there’s no guarantee the sets we feature here will ever become official sets. Rather, we like to celebrate clever and unique designs of talented Lego fans. To see more of our favourite Lego Ideas submissions, click here.

Enter Jimmi-DK’s Lego Ideas submission: a to-scale (1:45 million, they say) and more colour-accurate representation of the Earth that looks absolutely fantastic.

The map is smaller and made up of less pieces than the official Lego model: it measures 40×25 inches and it contains 1,422 pieces to Lego’s 11,000. That’s mostly because it’s made of plates rather than 1×1 studs. Not only will it make it somewhat easier to build, it also gives a smoother, more realistic finish.

The landmasses here are a striking green, placed on top of a sea of blue. White tiles have been used for the arctic and antarctic, which go a long way into injecting some realism into the map. The whole thing is mounted into a very classy and understated black frame with a white mount — and thanks to a Technic-created hanging, it can be put on the wall, too.

Jimmi-DK’s Ideas submission was uploaded to the site only a week ago, and in that time it’s already got 179 supporters. It’ll need 10,000 votes before it will be seen by a panel of Lego experts. Sadly, we’re not sure we can see this one making it to stores since the concept is something that’s already been done.

But we applaud Jimmi-DK’s take: it looks fantastic, and we’d gladly hang this on our wall.

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