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The Next LEGO Ideas Set is Tales From the Space Age, Coming 8 May

Lego Ideas Tales From the Space Age

We’ve been spoiled with LEGO Ideas sets for several years now, with the fan-led series giving us some of the most unique and iconic sets in LEGO history. The next set, arriving in just a few weeks, is no exception. LEGO Ideas 21340 Tales From the Space Age is made up of four small space murals, which can be displayed standing up or hung on a wall.

The set has been designed by Lego Ideas user JohnCarter, first submitted to the site in November 2021. The original concept featured three images, and the final product now has four. Aside from the brand new mural, the retail set looks to be rather faithful to JohnCarter’s original design.

Here’s JohnCarter’s original LEGO Ideas submission.

If you think of LEGO’s short-lived Brick Sketches series, Tales From the Space Age is a little like those. Each mural creates a 3D image that can be displayed by itself or alongside the full set. Either way, this is a striking set, with bold designs and a beautiful contrast of colours.

Perhaps the most attractive thing about LEGO Ideas Tales From the Space Age, though, is its price. It’s £44.99, one of the cheapest LEGO Ideas sets we’ve had in some time. With LEGO’s adult range getting more and more expensive in recent months, it’s a breath of fresh air to have one on the cheaper side.

  • Lego Ideas Tales From the Space Age
  • Lego Ideas Tales From the Space Age
  • Lego Ideas Tales From the Space Age

It’s made up of 688 pieces, so roughly 170 pieces per mural. That puts them roughly on par with a Brick Sketches set, which retailed for £14.99 each. Essentially, then, you’re getting four beautiful space-themed Brick Sketches for the price of three. What a bargain.

If this is a set you’d like to add to your collection, it’ll be available from 8th May. Pre-orders aren’t available, but you can see more details on the LEGO store page.

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