Lego is ranked the most reputable company in the world

A Lego heart.

For the second year in a row, Lego has been ranked as the most reputable company in the world. RepTrak, whose business is assessing the reputations of business and places, has placed Lego at the top of their Global RepTrak 100 rankings.

Reptrak, whose CEO presumably never stepped on a Lego brick, gathered the data from over 240,000 surveys. Lego came in first, followed by Mercedes Benz and Rolex and second and third. We can, at least, afford one of that trio’s products.

“I am very proud the LEGO Group has been named the World’s Most Reputable Company again in 2024”, remarked Lego CEO Niels B. Christiansen. “This is testament to the dedication of our colleagues, who all play a part in building a sustainable future and a better world for our children to inherit.” We’re not sure if the pun was intentional.

Does this mean that Lego is squeaky clean? It’s far, far less scandal-prone than other companies we could mention but it’s occasionally come in for some flack. For example, people (Greenpeace included), heavily criticised its former ties with Shell. So, in 2014, Lego put an end to that 50-year partnership.

And, in 1997, a Lego container holding around 5 million Lego pieces fell into the sea. 27 years later, pieces are turning up on beaches, as documented in Adrift: The Curious Tale of the Lego Lost at Sea.

But we can’t blame Lego for that last one. And, as Lego, which is making a concerted effort to be more sustainable, points out, biodegradable isn’t really an option when you’re dealing with kids toys.

Let’s just hope Lego doesn’t turn out to be an evil Umbrella Corporation-style organisation. If Lego zombies murder us all, we’re going to be seriously miffed.

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