Lego sets with paper bags have been spotted in the wild

Lego Planet Earth and Moon in Orbit 42179 set, with paper bags in the background.

In an effort to become more sustainable, Lego has begun using paper bags instead of plastic in its various sets. However, while most sets we’ve seen have their bricks in see-through plastic bags, Lego paper bags have now been spotted in the wild.

Redditor Zimtotto, over on the Lego Reddit, reported that they’d purchased a set to find those selfsame bags inside. The set in question was the Lego Planet Earth and Moon in Orbit 42179, which shows the Earth and Moon rotating around the Sun, matched up with each month.

It’s a great set, if not the prettiest to look at, but our interest in it has been eclipsed (sorry) by this paper bag revelation. The thread’s feedback was generally positive, though some Redditors pointed out that, if builders weren’t careful, it could lead to ‘missing’ pieces.

How so? Because when we’re building a set we invariably find that at least one brick is left in the bags. That’s easy to spot through plastic, but with paper you’ll have to inspect the bags individually to ensure you’ve collected every last brick. So, while this is a win for sustainability, remember to have a good poke around.

While the one you purchase may not come with paper bags, this awesome little Lego Planet Earth and Moon in Orbit set is available from the Lego shop, priced £69.99/$74.99.

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