LEGO Ideas Spotlight: Little Leprechaun Village

Dozens of new set ideas are uploaded to LEGO Ideas daily. It can be hard to choose one that truly stands out, but Little Leprechaun Village from builder UncleLikeableKangaroo stood out to us right away.

Submitted yesterday, it’s already gathered 64 supporters. It has 58 days to gain another 36, at which point its time will be extended by a full year to gain 1,000 supporters.

Little Leprechaun Village is described as “a small mountainous village nestled in the hills with a gently flowing stream”. Of course, the focus of the set is the huge rainbow which arches over the stream. It’s made with a series of translucent bricks – place this in just the right place to let some sunlight shine through it, and it’ll look magnificent.

We love the small details of the set – the tiny houses to provide some scale, and the use of spikes to create tall evergreen trees is a nice touch.

Who knows whether Little Leprechaun Village will garner enough supporters to be considered for creation, but it’s had a strong start. It’s an eye-catching design that truly stands out, and we wish UncleLikeableKangaroo the best of luck with it!

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