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One weird trick turns this Lego Star Wars Spider Tank set into a living nightmare

A Lego Star Wars Spider Droid set next to a giant Lego Storage Head

It’s not unusual for Lego fans to combine sets, but this particular mash-up has to be seen to be believed. One builder has taken the Lego Star Wars Spider Tank and combined it with a Lego Storage Head to creative a truly nightmarish abomination.

It’s the work of Redditor TheArlenHeatWaver who asks “What have I done?” What indeed? The Mandalorian’s Spider Tank is intimidating in its own right, especially if you’ve seen the show. But mounting a head on it takes things to the next level.

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It looks a little like Toy Story’s infamous creations but those, at least, are small. Thanks to the minifigures included in the original set, this twisted creation has a real sense of scale.

Okay, with the head attached, it probably wouldn’t fit in the cave where it was lurking. But we’re still imagining this descending on us, winking menacingly. Let’s see Bo-Katan Kryze deal with that, Darksaber or not.

It’s certainly enough to make us want to snap up this set, alongside a Lego Storage Head. Heck, maybe we can put a motor and a coupe of glowing eyes in there and have it wandering around the house. You know, just to dial the nightmare up to 11.

If you feel like following suit, you can find the Lego Star Wars The Mandalorian Spider Tank set here, and the various Lego Storage Heads here. Just be prepared to never, ever sleep again.

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