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Everything You Missed at LEGO CON


This afternoon has been quite an exciting one if you’re a LEGO fan: it’s the first ever LEGO CON, an online convention celebrating all things LEGO. It was livestreamed on LEGO.com, and took us behind the scenes at LEGO House.

Any LEGO event is fun, though if you were expecting a lot of new set reveals, you’ll be a little disappointed. We did get a look three new Star Wars sets, however, which you can find details on below, and we got a glimpse of an upcoming LEGO Ideas set. We also heard from LEGO designers, got a glimpse of what working at LEGO is like, and more.

Did you miss LEGO CON’s stream? Don’t worry; we’ve rounded up everything you missed right here.

LEGO in Space

An interview with George Gililat, a LEGO designer who works on space-themed sets, opened up the show. George talked a little about some of the current LEGO Space set, including the new Shuttle and the LEGO Ideas International Space Station.

He shared some details about the design process behind bringing sets like these to life. With the ISS, LEGO got information from the real engineers who worked on the real-life International Space Station. LEGO also collaborate directly with NASA to ensure sets are as close to the real thing as possible.

We also saw an interview with a NASA employee talking about an upcoming real-life mission to the moon.

Join in an epic LEGO Dots build

Live during the stream, a team of builders are making a start on an epic build of Dots across a wall in LEGO House. Eventually, over 40,000 6×6 plates, filled with Dots designs, will form the full mural. It’ll remain as an installation in the house, and it’ll be open for visitors to add to. You can add a submission digitally too, by going to legohouse.com/dots.

LEGO Harry Potter speed build

Two LEGO Harry Potter designers go head-to-head to speed-build a Harry Potter set. While building, they answered some questions about the sets they’ve worked on.

A glimpse at LEGO House

We got a behind-the-scenes look at LEGO House, and a chat with Mathias Thorning, one of the members of staff responsible for keeping LEGO House running. The giant dinosaurs are a star attraction, as is the huge Tree of Creativity. There’s also a huge vault, and a mega LEGO world for visitors to explore.

The giant LEGO Technic Lamborghini

We got another look at the giant LEGO Lamborghini, which was unveiled earlier this month. You can see our original article on it by clicking here.

A behind-the-scenes look at the LEGO Ideas Typewriter

We heard from Steve Guinness, the LEGO Ideas fan designer of the LEGO Typewriter. Along with the LEGO designers, he talked a little through the design process and how the set evolved through its creation.

Plastic bottles becoming LEGO bricks

As we reported earlier this week, LEGO’s drive for sustainable manufacturing has led to the first prototype bricks made from plastic bottles. Two members of LEGO’s environmental responsibility team told us more about what they’re working on. You can read our original news article on it by clicking here.

The next LEGO Ideas set

We got to see a glimpse of the next set to be made a reality from LEGO Ideas. A foosball table, designed by 16-year-old Donát Fehérvári has been chosen as the winner of a ‘We Love Sports’ review. His model will come to life and be on shelves in the future.

LEGO Minecraft Q&A

Lydia Winters from Mojang Studios, and Fredéric Roland Andre, LEGO Minecraft designer, came on stage to talk about Minecraft, and the process of bringing the game to life through LEGO.

Vote for a new LEGO Minecraft character

A new Minecraft set is coming next year, and LEGO fans can vote for a new character. Head on over to LEGO’s official twitter account and vote for a Ninja, Warrior or Ranger minifigure.

A day in the life of a LEGO Friends designer

LEGO Friends designer Ellen Bowley, gave us a glimpse into her life, both in and outside of work. We got a glimpse inside the LEGO offices – although we didn’t get to see anything secret, unfortunately.

10 years of LEGO Ninjago

We got a trailer of LEGO Ninjago celebrating 10 years of the series and its accompanying TV series. There was also a new announcement: Ninjago is coming to LEGO Brawls, a LEGO game exclusive to Apple Arcade.

LEGO Adventures With Luigi

As we already know, LEGO Mario Adventures With Luigi, and a new range of expansion sets, are coming out on 1st August. We got another look at the reveal trailer, and a closer look at the sets. You can see our run-down of them all by clicking here.

A new LEGO Star Wars set

Here’s the moment we’ve been waiting for: the reveal of a new LEGO Star Wars set. It’s an Imperial Light Cruiser from The Mandalorian. It’s instantly recognisable as a Star Wars ship, and it’s pretty big. There are built-in cannons, and a full interior that can be revealed by opening up the front. We’ll have a full look at this new set soon.

We also got a look at the Armoured Marauder, complete with a brand new Stormtrooper minifigure, and a new, smaller Slave One.

Watch the Imperial Light Cruiser trailer below:


LEGO Builder’s Journey

We got a glimpse at the making of LEGO Builder’s Journey, a new videogame from Light Brick Studio. You can read our review of the game by clicking here.

LEGO Technic building challenge

A LEGO Technic designer and a Volvo engineer went head to head to drive a LEGO Technic Volvo truck around an obstacle course.

And that’s it. If you missed the stream, you’ll be able to catch up with it on lego.com/lego-con very soon.

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