Reminder: LEGO Masters Australia is Now Airing on E4

LEGO Masters Australia

While we wait, possibly in vain, for another UK series of LEGO Masters, Channel 4 is at least keeping us entertained with overseas versions of the popular programme. Currently, the first season of LEGO Masters Australia is available to watch on E4. If you haven’t tuned in yet, you absolutely should.

It seems that Australia is now on its third season of LEGO Masters, but the first one is brand new to our screens in the UK. It’s hosted by Hamish Blake, an Australian actor/comedian, alongside judge Ryan McNaught – otherwise known as The Brickman. McNaught is the only LEGO Certified Professional in Australia; his career has seen him build bespoke LEGO models for museums, global exhibitions and shopping centres.

LEGO Masters Australia’s format is very similar to the USA series which has just finished airing here in the UK. Eight teams of two adults work together to create a model under specific criteria, often with twists thrown in along the way. Episode two, for example, saw their finished models get dropped, blown up or otherwise destroyed in spectacular fashion.

The great thing about LEGO Masters is that we get to see lots of great ideas from incredibly talented builders. LEGO Masters Australia is, of course, no different. There’s a lot of talent across the show, and even two episodes in, we’ve seen some truly excellent models.

The next episode – which will see the first pair of contestants leave the process – will air this Sunday at 6.45pm. The previous two episodes are available to watch on Channel 4’s catch-up service, All 4.

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