Lego is adding Sonic the Hedgehog and Tails to its Brickheadz range

Lego Brickheadz Sonic and Tails 40628 40627

If you’ve not got your hands on any of Lego’s Brickheadz so far, they’re well worth investigating. Half Minecraft character, half Funko Pop, Lego has released over 140 different Brickheadz. The range has featuring everything from Marvel superheroes through to Harry Potter characters. And now it’s Sonic the Hedgehog’s turn to join the Lego Brickheadz family.

The sets, Lego BrickHeadz Sonic the Hedgehog 40627 and Lego BrickHeadz Miles “Tails” Prower 40628 will be out this September 1st, priced at a very reasonable £9.99 each. Lego does have a habit of retiring sets, but they should be around for a good while at least.

Sounds like, if you’re a Sonic fan, you should snap them up right away, right? Well, maybe. We’re very, very tempted and they would look pretty cool next to that Sonic the Hedgehog power-up candle that we bought but have never once lit.

But there’s something off about their eyes, Sonic in particular. It’s as if he’s not looking at us, he’s looking behind us, eyes fixed on some Lovecraftian monstrosity that’s moments away from clawing its way into our world. Or maybe that’s just us.

Come September 1st, they’ll both be available to order on the LEGO website.  You can find the Lego BrickHeadz Sonic the Hedgehog 40627 set here and the Lego BrickHeadz Miles “Tails” Prower 40628 here.

And if you can’t wait till then, check out these new LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog sets which are available now.

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