LEGO Ideas Spotlight: Mediterranean Villa

LEGO Ideas Mediterranean Villa

Oh, I’m dreaming of a Mediterranean holiday. Alas, it’ll be a while until I get one. This LEGO Ideas model however, submitted by user Bricky_Brick, oozes holiday vibes left, right and centre. Until it’s safe to travel the world again, I’ll live vicariously through this model.

Called Mediterranean Villa, this wonderful LEGO Ideas submission is a four-storey tall building packed with detail and character. Along the walls are blossoming flowers, and a number of palm trees perfectly set the scene. There’s a terrace complete with swimming pool and parasol. And there’s even a float toy in the pool, inviting someone to dive right in!

Image: LEGO Ideas/Bricky_Brick

Inside the building is a number of beautifully decorated rooms. There’s a garage, with room to park a car (included!) as well as a hangout area complete with sofabed and TV. Up the stairs is a kitchen, a bathroom, a bedroom and a small attic nook. Each room is beautifully detailed and all feature one thing I love: smooth tiled floors!

Image: LEGO Ideas/Bricky_Brick

It’s from the outside that this building is most captivating, however. A clever use of brick tiles juxtaposed with two different shades of beige create a beautiful masonry effect, and windows and doorframes sport beautiful and elegant detail. This is LEGO architecture at its finest.

At the time of publishing, Mediterranean Villa has 511 votes of support; an incredible number considering it only went live four days ago. It has another 421 days to gather 1,000 votes (easy!), before ultimately needing 10,000 votes to go in front of a panel of LEGO judges.

Image: LEGO Ideas/Bricky_Brick

If you want to live the Mediterranean dream through a LEGO set, give Bricky_Brick’s creation a vote of support by clicking here.

Now, if only I could go jump in that pool…

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