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Rock around the block with this working Lego Ideas jukebox

Lego Ideas Jukebox, a fan-created jukebox made out of Lego pieces.
Image: Brickmaster84

Are you ready to rock? Brickmaster84, creator of this Lego Ideas jukebox submission is. And, even better it actually works! Sort of.

Okay, this awesome-looking Lego Ideas jukebox doesn’t actually have a tiny, tiny collection of records, but there’s a hole for you insert your own bluetoth speaker. We’d still love to see this set become reality and if anyone wants to work on a full-size model we wouldn’t say no either.

Brickmaster 84 has based this on a real-world Wurtlizer jukebox, explaining that “I chose the Wurlitzer 1015 model from 1946 which with its simple but very bright and colorful line soon became a symbol of post-war rebirth and an inevitable object in every Diner of the time.”

Or to put it another way, it’s very, very cool. The Fonz would absolutely approve. But will the Lego-buying public? So far, the set has nearly 6,000 supporters and it’s got over a year to hit that 10,000 number. At that point, Lego will review it and it could become a real set, like this Lego Red London Telephone Box.

We were surprised that no-one has submitted a Lego Ideas Jukebox before. Well, it turns out they have, including this set here. Some of the Ideas submissions have had a miniature dance floor inside, too. But none have come this close to hitting the magic 10,000.

If you want to see this set get made, head over to the Lego Ideas site and lend your support. We have our fingers crossed that Lego gives this set the final nod and it’ll be sitting on our shelves in a year or two.

Written by Chris McMullen

After relegating my Lego to the loft, many years ago, I've regained my interest in these plastics bricks, partly because today's sets seem so, so much cooler than when I was a kid. Though I'm still reluctant to spend three figures on a single set.

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