LEGO Ideas Spotlight: LEGO Friends ‘Heartlake Express’ Passenger Train

LEGO Ideas Spotlight LEGO Friends Heartlake Express

We’re not huge fans of LEGO Friends, but if we were, we’d absolutely want this Heartlake Express Passenger Train in our collection. The set has been submitted to LEGO Ideas by user MatthijsJonker, who has nailed the LEGO Friends aesthetic to a tee. The ranger’s signature pink and purple colour scheme looks wonderful on a locomotive – and we can only imagine how fantastic this would look running on a railway system next to other LEGO trains. Argh, we want it.

As Matthijs writes in their description of the set, “there are so many ways to travel in or out of Heartlake City […]. Cars, buses, planes, tractors, boats, ships, helicopters and bicycles – yet no train rolls along the hills of Heartlake City”. He’s right. And why not? Those minidolls deserve to get around just as easily as any normal minifigure.

LEGO Ideas Spotlight LEGO Friends Heartlake Express

While the exterior of the train is eye-catching, the interior is something else altogether. Carriages are vibrantly coloured, with sleeping areas and swivel-chairs on a viewing deck. There’s even a double-decker sections, so those minidolls can travel in style.

Whether we’ll see the LEGO Friends Heartlake Express brought to life is doubtful; approved LEGO Ideas sets are usually kept separate from LEGO’s own key brands. But MatthijsJonker’s set is just too lovely for us to ignore. It deserves highlighting, and it deserves your vote. Click here to show your support. If it reaches 10,000 votes, it’ll be assessed by a panel of LEGO judges. Fingers crossed!

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