All LEGO Vidiyo Sets are Half Price on Amazon

LEGO Vidiyo

Unsurprisingly, the reductions of LEGO Vidiyo sets continue – and currently, everything is now half price on Amazon UK.

That’s savings of up to £45 across the whole range of LEGO Vidiyo. While the series’ focus on Augmented Reality play means it’s not as popular with adults, the sets do still have some pretty nice features. The minifigures, for example, are all wonderfully unique, and even just to bulk up your spare parts collection, these price tags make it worth it.

Here’s everything you can pick up:

We’re not sure how long they’ll remain discounted on Amazon, so if you want any of them, we’d recommend grabbing them fast. We suspect that when current stock of Vidiyo sets has run out, we won’t be seeing any more of them.

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