This Lego Ideas Dungeons & Dragons necromancer’s lair is to die for

Lego Ideas Necromancer's Lair

There have been more Lego crossovers than you can shake a brick at – Sonic the Hedgehog, Harry Potter, Minecraft.. the list goes on. But there’s never been a DnD crossover and this Lego Ideas necromancer’s lair entry could be just the set to do it.

Creator GrimBrickCreations calls this the Crypt of Nondeskrypt and while we’re suckers for a good pun, it’s much more of a lair. It includes various spooky chambers including a pit room, a golem room, a hidden entrance and more. But what’s especially cool is that these chambers can be rearranged as you see fit.

And there are some wonderful DnD monsters, too. Oh, you might scoff at skeletons but let’s see you cope with a giant skeleton, an undead snake, a dragon that’s all bones and more.

Luckily, this submission includes a host of adventurers, all set to sort things out. We’re sure they won’t die horribly and end up swelling the ranks of the necromancer’s army.

This Lego Ideas DnD submission has 955 supporters and has 114 days to make it to the next hurdle, 1000 supporters. If this does become a set, it probably won’t be cheap at nearly 3,000 bricks. But it’s so downright awesome that we’d plunder a dragon’s hoard just to afford it.

You can find this Lego Ideas submission, Lego DnD Adventure: The Crypt of Nondeskrpyt here. And if you’ve got a single adventuring bone in your body, go ahead and give it your support.

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