The next Lego Modular set is the Natural History Museum, out in December

Lego Icons Natural History Museum 10326

A highlight of the Lego release calendar is the annual Modular set, and the next one is coming a little early. Usually released in January, Lego’s Modular range is made up of houses, shops and buildings that all fit together to form a street. January 2023’s was the Jazz Club, and 2022 saw the Boutique Hotel. This time? It’s the Natural History Museum.

Arriving on 1st December rather than January – that’s just three weeks away – the Natural History Museum is also bigger than your standard Modular set. It’s two bases wise and is made up of 4,014 pieces – over 1,000 more than this year’s Jazz Club. Of course, it’s built to the same scale and will fit together with any existing Modular sets you already have.

Lego Icons Natural History Museum 10326

Importantly, the Natural History Museum looks absolutely beautiful. Its striking exterior features decorative pillars, framed windows and a cherry blossom tree blooming outside the door. And inside, you’ll find everything you’d expect to in a Natural History Museum. There’s a dinosaur skeleton, a private office of the curator, an astronomy exhibit and various ancient artefacts (including one that looks suspiciously like Indiana Jones’ whip…).

Take a look inside the Lego Icons Natural History Museum:

  • Lego Icons Natural History Museum 10326
  • Lego Icons Natural History Museum 10326

It also comes with seven minifigures, including the museum curator, two workers and a window cleaner, along with a few guests. There’s also an adorable bulldog who has a giant bone.

Lego Icons Natural History Museum 10326

It’s important to note that this set isn’t based on a specific Natural History Museum: it’s not the museum you’ll find in London, or New York’s answer, for example. It’s a fictional Natural History Museum made to fit into the world of Lego Modulars. But it’s every bit as delightful as a real-world museum.

Being bigger than a standard Modular set means the Natural History Museum comes with a higher price tag. It’s going to cost £259.99 when it arrives exclusively to Lego stores on 1st December. You can pre-order one now if you don’t want to miss out.

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