Add Some Sunflowers to Your LEGO Flower Collection in January 2022

LEGO has been busy rolling out over 100 new sets that are launching on 1st January 2022. One of them is a rather sweet pair of LEGO Sunflowers, designed to complement the LEGO Botanicals range.

The LEGO Botanicals range is made up of (so far) three 18+ sets: the Bonsai tree, the Bouquet, and the Bird of Paradise. Alongside those is a range of standalone flowers. So far we’ve had roses and tulips. But come January, we’re also getting Sunflowers.

Comprising of 191 pieces, LEGO 40524 Sunflowers lets you build two beautifully-detailed sunflowers. You can display them by themselves in a small vase, or add them to an existing LEGO Bouquet. These might be the nicest LEGO flowers yet in our opinion; the bright, yellow colour and the detailing of the petals really makes them stand out.

They’ll be available from 1st January, and will likely be exclusive to LEGO. You can pick them up for just £11.99. For more information, head to LEGO’s store page.

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