There’s a New LEGO Botanicals Set Coming in June, the Bird of Paradise

Back in January, LEGO released two sets as part of a brand new series: the Botanical Collection. We had the Bouquet (which we reviewed here) and the Bonsai Tree, both excellent sets aimed at a female-skewed adult audience. And now, a third set is joining the collection: LEGO 10289 Bird of Paradise.

Made up of 1,173 pieces, it’s the largest set in the range yet. And, unlike the Bouquet, which required you to supply your own vase, this one comes with a LEGO-constructed pot. It’s a rather impressive-looking plant, made up of large green leaves and colourful blossoms (that look like butterflies!).

It’ll be £89.99 in the UK, and $99.99 in North America. While it’s releasing in most places in the world on 1st June, North America will have to wait a couple of months longer: it’s releasing in the US and Canada on 1st August.

See more pictures below.

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