LEGO Marvel Thor’s Hammer is Releasing on 1st March

LEGO Marvel 76209 Thor's Hammer

Have you – yes, you! – ever wanted to be Thor? Or at the very least, brandish a magical hammer just like Thor? Now you can! Well, almost. LEGO has just revealed Thor’s Hammer, a 979-piece replica of Mjölnir, set to release on 1st March. Unfortunately we don’t think this one is magical, and we wouldn’t recommend you go bashing things with it. LEGO tends to come apart under force, and all that.

LEGO Marvel 76209 Thor's Hammer

LEGO Thor’s Hammer comes with a stand which displays it upside-down, as if it’s sunken into a rock. When displayed, the set measures 18.1 inches tall and 11.6 inches wide – so it’s no slouch. The top of the hammer is created with grey bricks, whilst the handled is striped with brown and grey, leading to an authentic appearance.

What’s not authentic, but rather cool, is a hidden compartment inside the hammer where you’ll find a Thor minifigure and a tiny version of the Infinity Gauntlet.

LEGO Marvel 76209 Thor's Hammer

Here comes the bad news, however. LEGO Marvel 76209 Thor’s Hammer will set you back £104.99 when it releases on 1st March. For a 979-piece set, that feels rather steep. It’s an even bigger kick when you learn that in the US, it’s ‘only’ $99.99. We have no idea why there’s such a discrepancy, but it’s not altogether unusual in licensed sets. Perhaps the license fee in Europe is higher than it is in America.

Still, this is a cool set, and will surely be attractive to any Marvel fan.

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