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A 11,695 Piece LEGO World Map is Launching Next Week

LEGO Art World Map

Remember how we said loads of really cool LEGO sets are launching on 1st June? And remember how we said there’s no way we’ll be able to buy them all? Well, LEGO keeps revealing more. Today, it has revealed a LEGO Art World Map. It’s also a record-breaking set; its 11,695 pieces give it the most pieces in a single set in LEGO’s history.

As it’s part of the LEGO Art range, the World Map hangs on the wall when completed. Like the other sets in the range it’s made up of single studs arranged into a brick-built frame.

You won’t use all 11,695 pieces in one single build, though. The World Map has three different configurations, allowing you to change the colours of the oceans. The standard colourway is a mixture of blue and orange tones, or you can make the map a little more imaginative by introducing some patterns. It’s a shame there’s no option for more natural colours. However you decide to colour the oceans, the land is always white.

It’s a huge piece of Art when finished; it measures 104cm by 65cm, so this really will be a statement piece. Imagine it above a mantelpiece or on a feature wall.

Like other LEGO Art sets, it comes with a series of podcasts to listen to while you build. There’s a “Travel Muse Family” blog, about visiting one of the most remove villages in the world; a story about Torbjorn C. Pederson, who was the first person to visit every country in one journey without flying; and LEGO designer Fiorella Groves.

Here’s the important stuff: it launches exclusive to and LEGO stores on 1st June, priced at £229.99 ($249.99/€249.99). It’ll be available at third-party retailers from 1st August.

More pictures follow. What do you think of this set? Will you be rushing out to purchase it on 1st June? Let us know in the comments below.

Written by Kim

Kim has loved Lego since she was a kid, but didn't get back into the plastic bricks until her late 20s. In the last several years that love has become an obsession, and Lego has taken over her house, and her life! When she's not building Lego, she's likely to be playing video games or writing about them: she's also the co-owner of You'll also find her work over on Space and LiveScience.

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