The Prices of Some LEGO Sets in Western Europe Will Be Changing in 2022

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LEGO has confirmed that it will be adjusting the pricing of some LEGO sets in Western Europe starting in 2022. But don’t panic: it doesn’t sound like there’ll be an increase in RRP across the board.

A statement earlier in the week suggested that LEGO would be changing lots of prices across the European market. But in a new statement published on, LEGO has clarified that “a small selection of sets” will see their price change “to make RRP pricing more consistent across different countries”.

The issue seems to be across mainland Europe where, depending on the region, a set’s price in Euros varies from one country to another. Going forward, it seems LEGO wants to make pricing more consistent regardless of region, which makes sense. How this will affect UK pricing, however, remains to be seen.

LEGO’s statement is clear that not all prices will go up. “RRP will either go down or up depending on the set and the country”, the statement reads.

You can read the full statement from LEGO below. We’ll have to wait until 2022 to see how these incoming price changes do affect the UK market.

The LEGO Group has no plans to increase the recommended retail price (RRP) of its portfolio of products.

In Western Europe, we’ve taken steps to make RRP pricing more consistent across different countries from 2022. The RRP of the majority of LEGO sets will not change as a result of this. However, on a small selection of sets the RRP will either go down or up depending on the set and the country.

There are currently no plans to make such changes in other markets.

It’s important to note that the final price charged to shoppers is set by retailers, not the LEGO Group.


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