LEGO’s Launched a Christmas Gift Finder on its Website

A new Christmas landing page has appeared on, complete with a ‘Gift Finder’. It may only be September, but LEGO wants to make sure we’re prepared.

The landing page, which you can visit by clicking here, offers some Christmas gift ideas, along with links to various listicles to help you find a gift for that special person in your life. We’re not sure about LEGO’s optimism, however, at including the £450 Colosseum and the £330 Republic Gunship as the first two Christmas gift ideas it suggests to you (or at least to us). We’d absolutely love to find them wrapped under the tree, but we’re realistic people. Nobody loves us enough to spend that much. Boo-hoo.

Atop the Christmas landing page, you’ll find a ‘Gift Finder’ button, which asks you some basic questions: how old is your recipient, what’s your budget, and what are their interests? Once you’ve picked between one and three interests, you’ll then be given a selection of gift matches. We’re not sure it’s the most accurate of systems, and don’t expect to find anything suitable for 18+ for less than £50.

We couldn’t disagree more; they might not be marked as 18+ but sets like Speed Champions and BrickHeadz are perfect budget-friendly sets for adults. To that end, we’ll have our own budget-friendly Christmas gift guides coming up as the festive season draws closer, so stay tuned.

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