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LEGO Ideas Review Results Are Coming in Hot Tomorrow

LEGO Ideas February review

Back in September, 34 LEGO Ideas sets made it into the second review of 2021. Tomorrow, we’ll finally find out the results of that review.

LEGO Ideas is a scheme, open to the general public, that allows them to create and submit their own LEGO creations. The public votes for the sets they like, and twice a year, a team at LEGO reviews the sets that have reached 10,000 votes. Of the sets that make it to that stage, one or two are handpicked to be made into real LEGO sets on the shelves.

Some of our favourite LEGO sets of recent years have come from the LEGO Ideas initiative: the Typewriter, Sonic the Hedgehog and Winnie the Pooh were all part of LEGO Ideas.

Tomorrow, one or two (or possibly more, though unlikely) more sets will be added to the Ideas line-up. The second review of 2021 included some fantastic sets, both of original builds and licensed properties. There’s a Creator Expert-scale Scooby Doo Mystery Machine, for example, and a ship based on Jaws. On the original side of things, there’s a gorgeous-looking working cuckoo clock, a medieval harbor, and a working mini golf course. We featured four of the sets in more detail here.

Which sets are likely to get chosen? It’s hard to say. LEGO is no stranger to using franchises, providing they can negotiate a license. Since it has already had Scooby Doo properties before, the Mystery Machine feels like a maybe. That said, it could be something slightly more obtuse, like a Spaceballs set. While we have had some LEGO Ideas buildings before, LEGO tends to opt for more off-the-wall sets that wouldn’t fit into any of its own ranges. In that case, the Boston Dynamics robotic dog could be a possibility.

You can see the full list of sets up for review by clicking here. We’ve picked out a few of our favourites below. Check back tomorrow, when we’ll be sharing the results. Fingers crossed for one of these!

A-Frame Cabin by Norton74

Medieval Tavern by LEt.sGO

Playable Mini Golf Course by LEGOParadise

Scooby Doo Mystery Machine by Let Them Fly

Jaws by Diving Faces

House of Time by KevinTimeHouse

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