You’ve got another chance to grab the Lego Retro Food Truck

Lego Retro Food Truck box

Originally a free gift with purchase back in January, you’ve now got a second chance to pick up the Retro Food Truck from Lego.

This is one of our favourite free gifts of recent years. Made up of 310 pieces, it comes with two minifigures and the truck has a lift-up awning where food can be served from a hatch. Two-toned in blue and white, it’s a wonderful-looking truck, capturing the spirit of the 60s with its red highlights.

However, there are serious limitations on picking up this free gift: you’re only eligible if you purchase one of three sets. Those sets are the Lego Icons Jazz Club, Boutique Hotel or Natural History Museum. In other words, one of the three available modular sets.

If you’ve already got all three and were hoping to pick up the Retro Food Truck, eBay might be your best shot. But if you still need to add the Natural History Museum — which released in December — to your collection, it’s a good time to pick it up.

It’s only available until 7th April, too, so you’ve got five days to contemplate making a big Lego spend. You’ll also be entitled to a free Lego Flower Trellis Display. We love a free gift double-whammy!

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