This Lego Ideas Godzilla Minus One is ready to stomp all over Lego City

A Lego Godzilla breathing blue flame, with a battleship and a city block next to them.

Godzilla Minus One has taken the world by storm, becoming the first Godzilla movie to get an Oscar nomination. And if all goes well, Godzilla Minus One could become a Lego Ideas set.

It’s not the first time a Godzilla-themed set has been submitted to Lego Ideas. One previous set hit the 10,000 mark and was turned down by Lego. Why? Lego doesn’t provide explanations but it could be down the size of the set. That set doesn’t have a brick count, but it looks as if, price-wise, it’d be approaching the cost of the top-tier Lego AT-AT.

The Godzilla Minus One set, on the other hand, looks more affordable and more flexible when it comes to play. Godzilla himself is made up of 662 parts and instead of just the beast, this set includes a battleship, building train and more.

Sure, that other Godzilla was impressive, but this is a set you could spend hours just messing with, posing and re-posing. And someone at Lego thinks so too, since it’s a Lego Staff Pick.

The set is the work of Enr8gdBoss, whose previous submissions have included a Dilbert set, and a trash-eating sea robot, the latter of which included a Mr Beast figure. No, really.

This is the closest they’ve come to getting a set made and with 3381 supporters and over 540 days to go to, we’ve got our fingers crossed it hits 10,000 and meets Lego’s approval.

You can find this Lego Ideas Godzilla Minus One set here and if you want to see it made, sign up for a Lego Ideas account and lend your support.

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