A Whopping 57 LEGO Ideas Sets Have Made it to the Next Review

It seems more and more LEGO Ideas sets are making it to the review stage. This time is a record: a whopping 57 sets are in the review line-up. There’s a very mixed bag, but some of them really stand out to us.

There are some question marks over the selection, however – there are two different representations of The Office, for one. And there’s an inordinate amount of castles. We love castles, and we’d love to see one come to fruition, but it’s unusual to see so many similar sets all make the same review.

You can view the full listing here, including a better look at each of the 57 sets. We’ve picked out a handful of our favourites below.

LEGO Ideas Tutankhamun from Swan Dutchman

Okay, we love this. We’ve seen Star Wars and Marvel busts – but a real, historic bust at the side of them would look killer. And what’s more iconic than Tutankhamun? There’s a great amount of detail here, and it’s been designed to be to the same scale as LEGO’s other busts. There’s around 730 parts, making it a good size – and a reasonably-priced set. See more about this project by clicking here.

LEGO Ideas Chitty Flies Again from Norders

We love Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and this model does an incredible job of capturing the whimsy of the magical car. There’s a huge amount of detail here – we love the mirrored bricks on the engine hood! However, they might be exactly what stops this set being selected…

You can find out more about Chitty Flies Again by clicking here.

LEGO Ideas Jazz Quartet by Hsinwei Chi

We love Hsinwei Chi’s Jazz Quartet just because it’s so unusual. It’s a really clever use of bricks that we don’t see very often – especially not in official sets. It’d make a real stand-out addition to the LEGO Ideas range. We’ve got our fingers crossed. See more about the set by clicking here.

LEGO Ideas Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs by Hanwasyellowfirst

If this one looks familiar to you, it’s because we featured it back in February as part of our Ideas Spotlight. When we wrote about it, it was brand new, having only 100 votes. In just over two months, it’s got the required 10,000 votes, making it an official review contender. We’d love to see this one come to fruition. It’s such a wonderfully designed model, and such a classic Disney scene.

LEGO Ideas The King’s Castle by BrickHammer

We’re not sure if LEGO will bring any of the castle submissions to life, but if it does, we hope it’s this one. BrickHammer’s The King’s Castle is just beautiful, packing in so much detail. We love the rocky exterior that gives way to a medieval style building, then the castle tower high on the rocks. We can already see it on our display unit. Find out more about the set by clicking here.

What are your favourite LEGO Ideas sets included in the latest review? Let us know in the comments below.

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