This upcoming Lego Dreamzzz Robot Dinosaur might be our favourite of the whole range

Lego Dreamzzz Cooper's C-Rex Robot Dinosaur

Did someone say dinosaur? Did someone say… ROBOT DINOSAUR? Heck yes: Lego Dreamzzz Cooper’s Robot Dinosaur C-Rex has appeared on a Mexican Lego Certified store, and it might just be the coolest Dreamzzz set we’ve seen to date.

C-Rex is made up of 917 parts and while there isn’t much of a description to go on just yet, from the images we can ascertain it has moving arms and legs and a moving head. It’s shaped like a T-Rex, but its parts are a mish-mash of red and blue, giving the appearance of a robot dino made out of junk parts. The result is spectacular!

Of course, being a Dreamzzz set, the C-Rex’s primary function is to be a playset, so it comes with numerous minifigures and has lots of moving parts. We think it’s going to look great alongside our Jurassic Park T-Rex, though. More Lego dinos, please, Lego!

the Certified store gives an estimated release date of May, so there’s a good chance we’ll see Lego Dreamzzz Cooper’s Robot Dinosaur C-Rex appear in stores this side of the Atlantic on 1st May or soon after.

It’s not the only incoming Dreamzzz set, either: Brickset also lists details of The Never Witch’s Midnight Raven and Mateo and Z-Blob the Knight Battle Mech, landing at the same time.

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