This Lego Human Centipede is all kinds of disturbing

Several Lego minifigures all stuck together.

There are all sorts of set submission on Lego Ideas but a Lego Human Centipede set isn’t one of them. So Redditor Southern-Face7389 was a little surprised to find just such a creation sitting around at their local Lego store.

This wasn’t an official set, we should hasten to add, even though, as reported by Bloody Disgusting, one Lego builder imagined what just such a set could look like. Instead, the creator of this abomination has mashed together a horde of minifigures and we have so, so many questions.

Questions like.. did they bring their own Lego for this purpose? Or did the store just have a play box? And how long was this around before someone finally spotted and removed it? We’re giving Southern-Face-7389 the benefit of the doubt, we’re assuming they weren’t the ones who assembled and deposited this monstrosity. But we could be wrong.

Every time we look at it, we see something new to bother us. Some of the minifigures are headless, one is upside down, the list goes on. And, perhaps most horrifyingly of all, the one in front appears to be a clown.

And if you’re scratching your head at this Lego Human Centipede, wondering where the inspiration or the impulse came from, trust us, some things are better left unknown.

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