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A Starfield fan has built a Lego New Atlantis and it’s amazing

Starfield New Atlantis

What could be more impressive than Starfield’s New Atlantis? Seeing it recreated entirely using Lego, that’s what. And that’s precisely what one Starfield fan has done. The results are impressive, to say the least.

While some players have been seeing their lives consumed by this space-based RPG, builder Taris120_Builds has spent 50+ hours making a Lego model of New Atlantis, the first city your player sees. The model is made up of a massive 6,000+ bricks and, based on similar sets, would take around 18 hours to actually build.

Taris120_Builds created their Lego Starfield model digitally, which has to have been a boon. We’d imagine that rummaging through a big box of lego would have at least doubled the design time. But the set still looks absolutely magnificent, to the point where we can spot the pools we ended up flailing about in. Don’t ask.

We were going to say that Lego should contact them immediately, and make this set a reality. Then we realised that, factoring in the number of bricks, an official set would cost at least £700. But we’re absolutely glad they’ve gone to the effort.

This Starfield Lego build is something of a departure for Taris120_Builds. They usually specialise in items or maps from the Battlefield series of games. You can subscribe to their Patreon here which, depending on which tier you sign up at, will get you the instructions for some of their creations.

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