Watch the Deadpool and Wolverine trailer animated in Lego

Lego Deadpool in a Lego version of the Deadpool and Wolverine trailer.

The Deadpool and Wolverine trailer has been out for less than a week, and it’s already been made in Lego. In fact, if you’ve not seen the trailer for Deadpool’s first proper Marvel movie, why not skip over the ‘proper’ version and stick with this blocky recreation? You know it makes sense.

The trailer is the work of Trevor Carlee, who’s created a whole host of Lego-based shorts. It’s not made with real-world Lego and instead has been filmed digitally. But that’s absolutely the next best thing and it’s impressive just how closely the trailer mirrors its real equivalent. Even the lip-synching is spot on.

“I felt compelled to recreate the Deadpool 3 trailer the moment it dropped,” Carlee writes in the video’s description, adding that he knew it’d be a challenge. All in it’s worked out pretty well, to the point we’d watch the entire movie like this. You can check out the Lego Deadpool and Wolverine trailer video below. Anyone at Marvel feel like giving him a call?

Now we think about it, it’s been a while since we had a Deadpool game or a Lego Marvel game. Why not kill two birds with one stone and give us Lego Deadpool and Wolverine? Heck, just make it DLC for Lego Marvel Superheroes 2.

Deadpool and Wolverine arrives this July 25th. And if you want to see more of Carlee’s work, check out his YouTube channel here.

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