LEGO is Hosting Its Own Conference, LEGO CON, Later This Month


Remember that teaser last week that we said might be some sort of LEGO lighting system? Well, we were way off. It was actually a teaser to LEGO CON, a conference hosted by LEGO and to celebrate all things LEGO.

Due to be held on 26th June and streamed directly from LEGO House in Billund, LEGO CON is the first ever event dedicated to the plastic brick. Lasting around 90 minutes, it will give fans behind-the-scenes access, show off some zany building attempts, and, most importantly, reveal some brand new LEGO sets.

We’re excited to see what will be announced. After the 150 (!) new sets that have launched today, we’re not sure our bank balance can cope with any more announcements, but we’re itching to find out what they are.

The event will be free to watch for everyone directly on LEGO’s website. Be sure to tune in on Saturday 26th June at 5pm BST/12pm EST.

(We guess there still could be some sort of lighting system announced, so we might not be completely wrong…)

Find out more about LEGO CON by clicking here.

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