LEGO Ideas Spotlight: Minifigure Gumball Machine

LEGO Ideas Minifigure Gumball Machine

A gumball machine that dispenses minifigures – that’s the dream, right? Well, it’s a reality for Goosestore, as the LEGO Ideas user has recently submitted their design of a brick-built machine that dispenses minifigures inside capsules. And we absolutely love it.

The model itself is made up of 937 pieces, and is a fully operational gumball machine. Turn the crank, and a capsule is released through the door underneath. Rather than dispensing candy, though, Goosestore’s model dispenses minifigures!

LEGO Ideas Minifigure Gumball Machine
Image: LEGO Ideas/Goosestore

The brick-built model itself is beautiful, and would look wonderful stood on anyone’s desk. Its red body is eyecatching, and the use of curved pieces make it look just like the real thing. And although this contains minifigures, you could technically put anything you want inside the capsules within.

The Minifigure Gumball Machine was submitted to LEGO Ideas on Friday 30th July, and already it has amassed 331 votes of support. It’s got another 419 days to reach the next milestone of 1,000 supporters. Ultimately, it’ll need 10,000 votes before being put in front of a panel of LEGO judges.

We’d love to see this set become a reality, so show your support by voting here.

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